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Who We Are

Brave collaborators.
Creators of growth.

We help businesses with ambitious growth plans find more of the right leads. Working as part of your team, we develop a measurable, actionable digital marketing plan. Then we implement, test and adjust the plan as we learn more about what's important to your customers. 

We help businesses that hate wasting money grow faster by building customer-centric websites that never go out of date. 

We help overworked agencies say yes to clients. By outsourcing website development projects during busy periods you keep overheads low without turning away work. We work with absolute discretion and always do what we promise. 

We Make a Difference

We ask "What would we do if this was our company?" If we're not doing exactly that we stop, review and change our plan. We only do things that help you achieve your goals.

We're Accountable

Remember the good old days when your plumber itemised every washer used? You knew you could trust them. We're just like that. We only charge you for the time it actually takes and we will tell you exactly what we have done with that time.

We Do What We Say

If we tell you something will be done by 5pm Wednesday, it will be. If we say we can do something - with all our hearts we believe we can. We do what we say we will, when we say we will. If we've made a mistake we 'fess up and put it right.

About Peter Van Neste

Peter founded We Compose following the sale of a serving the events industry in the UK where he generated over £1.4m in revenue through digital marketing.

We Compose combining Peter's digital marketing and business experience to help clients generate more of the right leads online.

Peter knows from experience that a successful digital marketing strategy needs to combine the experience of digital marketing specialists with the deep sector understanding that their clients have. That’s why We Compose works collaboratively with clients to develop and deliver their digital marketing strategy.

Peter is passionate about web development, digital strategy and applying statistics in a way that make a measurable difference to businesses. He's currently living in Jersey in the Channel Islands but works with clients in Jersey, Guernsey, and mainland UK remotely and in person.

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