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Achieve your growth goals faster.

Find more of the right leads with a customer centric website & digital marketing strategy that increases your ROI.

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Web Development & Digital Marketing Agency

Web Development & Digital Marketing Agency

Do you need more of the right kind of customers? We've been there too.

Having run and sold a successful business-to-business service company, Peter founded We Compose to help other organisations grow through customer-centric digital marketing. Following the crowd doesn't guarantee results. We are brave in our approach and take the view that it's about outsmarting, not outspending, the competition.

We combine data analysis with strategic thinking, creativity with technical ability. We're offer an honest opinion backed up with relevant data.

Because we've been there, we see it from your perspective. We cut out the fluff around marketing and focus on outputs - applying the 80/20 rule to make sure we stay focussed on things that will help you achieve your goals.. We help with as much or as little as you like but collaboration is key.

We don't believe that digital marketing can be outsourced and forgotten about. If we decide to work together, we'll ask you to remain actively engaged in the process as we understand and develop your business, objectives and strategy together.

If you think we could help you, we always begin with a no-pressure, free 30 minute consultation to get to know each other.


How we can help

Website Design and Digital Marketing. They usually go hand in hand but some clients ask us to help with just one.

Website Design & Development

Generate more leads and stop wasting money on expensive website design projects that are out of date in 18 months.

We develop customer-centric websites that never go out of date using an innovative process called Growth Driven Design.

Digital Marketing

Achieve your growth goals faster by understanding your customer and setting clear targets.

Using our proven process, we bring out the creativity in your team and design a 12 month digital marketing plan. Then we help you implement, test and improve it.

Free eBook: The Complete Guide to Inbound Marketing

Learn how to attract strangers, convert them to leads and turn them into happy customers.

Includes a step by step guide and all the strategy templates you need to develop your inbound marketing strategy and start growing your business.

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